Tying the PMD Biot Duck Butt Dun

I am going to put a few instructional videos up here over the next year on how to tie the patterns I have available for sale. It is something a little new for me, so I hope to get some of the kinks of this first video worked out over the next few I do.

I am going to start out with the PMD Biot Duck Butt Dun. It is a great little pattern that I have sold to fishermen here in the west as a PMD, and then a few of our Eastern fly fishers have purchased them telling me they work great on their rivers during a Sulpher hatch.

This pattern has become very versatile for me and it gets taken by fish at a variety of stages during the hatch. From the latter emergence through the dun phase fish will eat this fly. I have even modified it on stream by pulling the deer hair wing out flat to the sides and fished it as a spinner in a pinch. And yes it worked.

If you have any questions, or suggestions feel free to let me know at b.sorenson@jumpcreekflies.com.


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