Friday's Fluff Piece

It's Friday lets laugh a little. Unless you find this to be a disgusting display of the reprehensible exploitation of rainbow trout. Then don't laugh. Please, don't laugh.
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New Website!

Our web address is still, but you will notice our design is changed.  This page will now serve as a blog on which I will post trip reports, information about our flies, new products, or various fly fishing tips.  Keep following us here on the blog, and make sure and check out for more information on specials, and to make purchases from our fly shop. 

You will see we are offering a Grand Opening Special on the website through the end of November.  Any order from the website of a dozen or more flies will get 6 additional flies of their choice free.  A great chance to stock up that fly box for next year.  

Thanks to all of our great customers!