PMD's on the mind

Stocking up on PMD's

I have been holed up in my bat cave now for the last few weeks hunched over the vise and churning out PMD's like no body's business.  Right now I only have 2 specific PMD patterns in the catalog, but I did work up two more patterns that will soon be joining them.  Let's review what I do have available here and how I like to fish them.

First, my favorite, and old standby PMD Duck Butt Dun.  I like this pattern because it is so adaptable, and I can cover a wide range of hatch stages with one pattern.  The body floats down in the film so unless fish are taking very high floating duns, they will be all over this fly.  It works as a late stage emerger, cripple, and if I really grease it up as a dun as well.  In a pinch I have even taken fish eating spinners by pulling the deer hair wing down to the sides, and clipping out the middle.  Maybe not the most efficient way to make a spinner, but having a pattern that can substitute for another in a pinch is nice.  This has been my top producing mayfly pattern for several years running now.

Next is the PMD Bubble Emerger.  This is a great pattern I use early in the hatch when the bugs are just starting to emerge on the surface, and fish are grabbing those emergers on the surface.  The fly is designed so just CDC bubble rides on the surface while the back of the fly hangs in the film.  Fish love this easy meal.

Coming soon!

I am going to be adding two PMD patterns to the catalog very soon.  The first is a PMD version of what has become one of my favorite BWO patterns this spring, and the second is a cripple pattern I have had very good luck with, especially on windy days.  I will post here on the blog when those have been added.

The BWO CDC Wing Sparkle Dun is coming soon in PMD!