One Full Year in Business, A New Pattern, and Some Customizing Options!

A new year on the calendar also means Jump Creek Flies has officially been up and running for one full year! Thanks to all those great customers who have stopped by this past year. This year has exceeded my expectations and kept me busy! There are a few great customers who I have been able to interact with shooting ideas back and forth, and it is this interaction that I enjoy as much as tying a fly. If you ever have any questions, or helpful suggestions on any of my patterns, never hesitate to send me an email at I really like enjoy hearing from all of you. Now on with the new stuff! 

First and foremost I would like to introduce a new pattern. The FT Stonefly is the big, mutated, overgrown brother of the FT Hopper and in the version pictured here works great during the Giant Salmonfly Hatches.
 This fly will float, float float.  It's got a double layer of 2mm foam for the body, and TWO full elk hair Wings as well as an elk hair bullet head.  The pattern is incredibly buoyant and easily visible on the water.  The profile from the fish perspective,  you know, the only perspective that really matters in the long run, is very appealing as well. 

Go to the Dry Fly Catalog to purchase a few of these for as little as $1.75/ fly if you order 6 or more.  And of course shipping as always is FREE!

Now on to some more exciting news pertaining to this fly and also the FT Hopper.  You will find some added options available when purchasing these flies.  I have added some more specific customization options so that these flies can be tied up in any combination you would like.  You can now choose not only the hook size, but the color of the bottom foam layer, and the color of the legs.  I have added these options so that these versatile flies can be modified to meet your needs on your specific water.  For Example, the FT Stonefly mentioned and pictured above can be easily modified to work for other stoneflies by simply changing the colors of the foam and legs.  The stoneflies that hatch on your waters can vary in sizes and color, so I wanted to offer as many options as possible for you to choose what will work best on your waters.  You will find these expanded options available on the FT Hopper as well.  I hope to continue to expand my options for many of these patterns as time goes on and I recieve more input from you, the valued customers, on what colors you might like to see.  For now you can go check out what options are available, and get ready for your local specific Stonefly and Hopper events this spring and summer.  

Hope everyone had a great 2011 and that 2012 holds more time fishing for all of us!

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