New Product Line

Jump Creek Flies is proud to announce we are adding a new section to our catalog.  We will start offering a limited selection of Daiichi hooks for those of you that tie your own flies.  Daiichi has staked claim to the title of "World's Sharpest Hooks" and after trying many different brands I have to agree.  Where other hooks have often left me wishing for more, Daiichi has always delivered.  Their strength, sharpness, and uniformity have made tying on Daiichi hooks easy, and not having to worry about one failing in the lip of that 26" brown trout is priceless.

For now I am going to begin by selling their 1120 Heavy Wire Scud hook in sizes 18 and 20.  I will continue to add more hooks to the catalog as I get them in.

The 1120 is the go too hook for many nymph, larvae, pupae, and scud patterns that I tie.  The heavy wire sinks the fly fast, and the hook is exceptionally strong.  The point of this hook remains sharp fish after fish.

I have sizes 18 and 20 hooks in stock, but if you want to order another size, just let me know and I can order them in (sizes 6-16).  So get your hands on the best hooks on the market at a great price, and as always, shipping is free.