Custom Orders

YES WE DO CUSTOM ORDERS!  If you have a specific fly or hatch in mind let me know.  The flies in my catalog are just a start of what I can do for you.  Always feel free to call (208-649-4232) or email me ( to discuss your specific needs.

This pattern is a custom prototype I am working on with a customer of mine who fishes the Frying Pan River in Colorado.  There is a hatch of Pinkish PMD's there, and this was one pattern we came up with for him, blending some PMD, and Pink Cahill dubbing to get the color you see here.  I also like this pattern with the Split CDC wings.  It reminds me of a no hackle, and I often tie it with a forked tail to give a more realistic dun look to the fly.

Pink PMD No Hackle
Pink PMD No Hackle Front View
I really enjoy custom patterns and tying to meet customers specific needs.  So if you have a certain hatch on your water you want me to take a shot at let me know, and we will see what we can do.

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