A Summer on the Water

It's been a busy summer, filling orders left and right, and then trying to get a little fishing in between.  I hope everyone out there has had a good summer of fishing as well.  I haven't fished as much this summer as in years past, but that is only because the demand for Jump Creek Flies has increased quite a bit this past year.  I won't complain about being busy tying up bugs for happy customers though.  So thanks for keeping me busy.

I did get a few outings on my local "home river" this summer as usual.  Then sprinkled in a few drift boat trips to a great Rainbow Trout fishery that lies a couple hours east of me.  Those two waters usually get most of my attention, but I do like to branch out a bit and try new things.  This year I spent a little time up North on the Lochsa River and then found myself doing a little stillwater fishing in NE Oregon.  It's been a good summer, and Fall is just around the corner.  Football season is in the air, as is my favorite time of year to fish.  So as we enter into Labor Day weekend I wanted to pause and look back at another great summer spent waving a fly rod around.  Enjoy a few pics, and have a great weekend everyone.

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