Spring Time is BWO Time

I wanted to share a picture of the BWO version of the CDC Bubbleback Emerger you will now find in the Dry Fly section of the online catalog.  This version has been for sale for a while there, but it had been a bit hard to find.  Now it has it's own picture and listing on the page.

This little pattern has quickly become my favorite dry fly for fussy trout picking on BWO Emergers, Cripples and Stillborn bugs.  I use it early when the fish are first starting to rise, and I will use it late in the hatch or even after the hatch has subsided when a few fish are still up in the more protected lies, sipping those cripples that never made it off the water.  It is fished with only the front of the fly riding on top of the water.  The CDC bubble floats that part of the fly.  I use a powdered desiccant such as Frogs Fanny on the Bubble and the dubbing under that bubble, but leave the rest of the fly untreated so it hangs below the surface of the water.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have on fishing this or any of my patterns.  **Click here**

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