Introducing the CDC Wing Sparkle Dun!

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 It is about that time of year when we start to really see the prolific Blue Wing Olive Hatches again.  I really look forward to those epic hatches and with that I wanted to usher in a new fly pattern for the catalog to ring in the changing of the seasons.  

This BWO Sparkle Dun uses a turkey biot body to give the fly a slender, naturally tapered profile, and as opposed to the Deer Hair wing on a standard Sparkle Dun, it uses a CDC wing.  The CDC provides excellent natural floatation, and is also very lifelike and natural on the water.  This fly really works when you come up against a particularly finicky fish.  I remember one occasion where I was working up a run picking off fish with a more standard Deer Hair Wing Sparkle Dun, when I came to a stubborn fish that refused to even acknowledge the Deer Hair wing fly.  Out of curiosity I switched to this CDC Wing pattern, and on the first cast it was fish on.  It was one of my bigger fish on the river to date, and it just needed that little subtle change to be convinced my fly was the real thing.  Since that time I have always carried a few of these in my box to compliment my other patterns, and as a go to fly when the fish get tight lipped during a mayfly hatch. 

Let's all get ready for some great Blue Wing Olive hatches in the near future!   

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