Featured Product: BS Sparkle Dun

Pale Morning Dun (PMD)
Blue Wing Olive (BWO)

The first fly I am making available has been a constant producer for me over the years. Available in Pale Morning Dun and Blue Wing Olive colors it flat out produces.

This fly utilizes mostly natural materials to create a realistic impression that those big trout can not resist. The CDC fibers used for the tail provide some natural flotation, and it's ability to trap tiny air bubbles and softness create a tantalizing lifelike look. The smooth wrapped biot body gives the fly a slender, uniformly tapered body with the segmented look of a real mayfly. Finally the deer hair wing is tied with the highest quality hair, and provides incredible buoyancy. This fly performs great, whether fishing it on calm flats, or in choppy riffles

This incredibly versatile fly can be fished many ways. Fish it in the film, with no floatant applied, when those fish are taking late stage emergers. Apply your favorite floatant and fish it high and dry when fish are plucking duns off the surface, or just apply floatant to the front of the fly so it rides more like a cripple on those windy days. With the wing splayed with a few simple on stream modifications it can also do the job when the fish are taking spent spinners.

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